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Covid-19 Update #9 September 17, 2020

With the return to school and increased cases/testing impacting your children & their activities, please review the below information.


  • My child has symptoms of COVID what do I do? 

 You are required to keep your child home for a minimum of 10 days OR until the symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.

  • Can my child return once they have a negative test result?

If the child is tested negative and has no known exposure to the virus, they must stay home until their symptoms resolve. 

If the child is tested negative and has had an exposure to the virus, they are legally required to quarantine for 14 days from the exposure date. 

  • Do we need to prove a negative test before returning? 

 No, however it is always recommended to get a test if your child is showing symptoms. 

  • What will happen if a child or coach tests positive

The class or training group will quarantine for 14 days to limit further spreading of the virus. 

  • My child has been directly exposed to a positive case but has no symptoms. Can they still attend?

No. If the child is tested negative and has had an exposure to the virus, they are legally required to quarantine for 14 days from the exposure date. 

  • My child has been indirectly exposed to a positive case, can they still attend class? (for example, a sibling has had direct exposure from a classmate, a parent has had direct exposure from a co-worker)

They can still attend IF they do not have any symptoms

  • Does my child need to wear a mask

You and your child are required to wear a mask while in the hallways. Your child is NOT required to wear one in the Gym.  Coaches will wear masks when interacting with the children.


Covid-19 Update #8 September 9, 2020

Fall Session Information

What to Know:

  •  A Covid-19 online screening form must be completed before each class. The form can be completed on your Privit account. The online form will autofill for you after your first time completing it, however please ensure to change the date to reflect the appropriate date of class. 
  • Encourage your child to use the washroom prior to coming to class.  Washrooms are available if needed, however it is limited to one person at a time.
  • Bring a filled water bottle as water fountains are closed. 
  • COME DRESSED in tighter fitting active wear to class, no jewellery, and long hair must be tied back. 
  • A mask must be worn walking into the building, and can be removed once through the Ortona orange doors.
  • Please line up (physically distanced) outside the Ortona foyer, where your child will be temperature checked, and your COVID-19 screening reviewed, by Ortona staff member.
  • Parent/Guardians are not permitted past the Ortona orange doors at this time, your child will be escorted by a coach to the Ortona gym space.  The viewing space upstairs remains closed for the time being.
  • Athletes will be required to place their belongings into a small sanitized bin, that will remain with them throughout class
  • Upon entering Ortona, hand-washing will be enforced before class begins. Handwashing/sanitizing will be enforced between apparatus rotation changes.
  • Upon class conclusion, a coach will wait with the athlete outside the orange doors in the foyer, until parents pick up their child. 
  • Regular enhanced cleanings are being completed between classes to ensure participant and staff safety.

Fall Session Start & End Dates:

Week Day

Start Date

End Date


Sept 14

Oct 26


Sept 15

Oct 27


Sept 16

Oct 28


Sept 17

Oct 29


Sept 18

Oct 30


Sept 12

Oct 24


Sept 13

Oct 25


  • October 12th- OCG Closed for Thanksgiving

Refund Policy:

Any classes cancelled due to facility closures will result in a credit on account to be used at a future date. No Refunds will be issued in the event of closure due to Covid-19. If registering for a program after the start date, you will not be prorated.


 Create your account on PRIVIT to complete your new online waiver and COVID-19 screening form. Instructions are provided here: Ortona - Customer Registration Instructions 

If your class is a Parented Class, you will need to complete a all forms for both your child and yourself

780-492-7300 - if you have any questions, we are glad to assist!        

OGC has enhanced cleaning & safety protocols to ensure we abide to the AHS and Alberta Gymnastics Federation requirements. Distance markers are spaced throughout the gym to help as a visual aid for physical distancing. Hand washing & sanitizing are required between apparatus rotations, as well as entering and leaving the facility. Face masks are required to be worn in the Saville Community Sports Centre, however they will need to be removed once participating in physical activity for participant safety. Coaches will wear facemasks while spotting and/or when unable to maintain physical distance from athletes.

Covid-19 Update #7 June 12th, 2020

Dear contract families,
We are thrilled to have heard from the Government of Alberta that the allowance to reopen Gymnastics clubs was pushed into Phase 2!  We understand at this time that excitement and eagerness is common amongst our athletes, as well as our coaching staff.
Since Ortona is loacted within the Saville Community Sport Centre on U of A property (which remains closed), this creates for a unique dynamic when it comes to preparing a logistic approach for a safe re-opening plan for everyone involved. Go Centre Partners (Ortona, EVCS & Grads Basketball) and representatives of the University have a scheduled meeting on Monday June 15th to discuss the recent announcement  and proposed re-openings. We appreciate that you have been patient this long, and value your commitment to our club. Since we are not a private club we will not be able to open our doors as quickly as some of our neighbouring clubs, however we are working diligently to get the orange doors open as soon as possible!
We understand that hesitation to "Reserve A Spot" is common right now without knowing the plans of how Ortona will embrace a new normal. We have been in close communication with the Alberta Gymnastics Federation to ensure we properly prepare for the new outlined guidelines to adhere to all AHS expectations. We have been working on procuring supplies and developing protocols for cleaning and PPE use. On Tuesday, the management team will meet to prepare our summer training schedule for DEV/Comp athletes, as well as begin a thorough deep clean! We encourage our contract families to review the AGF guidelines for returning to sport that Ortona will be implementing. https://abgym.ab.ca/content/download/9987/66593/file/COVID-19%20Return%20to%20Play%20Guidelines.pdf
For the safety of our athletes, our return to play and training will be a slow process to phase back to what we once were. Your athlete’s schedule may differ from what is outlined in your contract, due to the restrictions and Phases of re-launching. We will be implementing our  philosophy of "Team Coaching" as we re-open, and we appreciate your respect with the decisions we make for the benefit of our athletes and club. 
We are so pleased to be working on returning to our second home and seeing the athletes involved in the sport of gymnastics again. We will update you next week, as we  remain "One Team" and  adjust together!

Covid-19 Update #6 June 11th, 2020

For those registered in Summer Camps 2020, please note that our summer camps will not be running. Those who were registered will receive a refund for both the membership fee and camp fee, less a $10.00 admin fee. 

Covid-19 Update #5 June 1st, 2020

Covid-19 Refund/Credit Update:
For those members that have submitted either a cancellation request or have sent an e-mail to contractadmin@ortonagymnastics.com, in regards to a refund, we have your request in our queue. We have an internal system fraud prevention mechanism, that limits the refunds we can process per day. 
Due to the high volume of requests, as well as a very limited staff currently working our turn around to complete refunds needs to be revised. We are processing them in the order we received requests, and are currently working on the May 23rd submissions. We understand your frustration, and we promise it will be completed, it will just take some extra time.
As of today, June 1st, 2020, we will be processing the remainder of the Spring Class registrations, that no requests for refunds have been submitted, as Credit on Account. At this time we are not accepting any further requests for refunds for Spring classes. 
We truly appreciate your patience during these challenging and unprecedented times!

Hope your family is staying safe and staying well, we hope to see you back in the Gym once we are able to re-open!
- OGC Management

Covid-19 Update #4 April 8, 2020

Covid-19 Refund/credit Update:
For those members that have submitted either a cancellation request or have sent an e-mail to contractadmin@ortonagymnastics.com, in regards to a refund/credit, we have your request in our queue. 
We have an internal system fraud prevention mechanism, that limits the refunds we can process per day. 
Due to the high volume of requests, as well as a very limited staff currently working, our prediction of a two week turn around to complete refunds/credits needs to be revised. 
 We are processing them in the order we received requests, and are currently working on the March 17th submissions.  
We understand your frustration, and we promise it will be completed, it will just take some extra time. 
We truly appreciate your patience during these challenging and unprecedented times!

Hope your family is staying well,
OGC Management

Covid-19 Update #3 (March 19, 2020)

Notice Received from Alberta Gymnastics federation:

Alberta Declares State of Emergency Prompting Further Event Cancellations and Club Closures

On March 17, 2020 the Government of Alberta declared a state of emergency under the Public Health Act. New public health measures were recommended to limit the time Albertans spend in large crowds and crowded spaces. The following took immediate effect:

For full details please visit the Government of Alberta COVID-19 coronavirus info for Albertans webpage
Further AGF Event Cancellations Effective Today

In response to Alberta’s announcement, the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) in partnership with our local organizing committees (LOCs) and host venues, have made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of our provincial events as follows:

Please note that AGF is exploring alternative ways to select athletes for Canadian Championships should that event still take place.

Status of Western Canadian Championships and Canadian Championships
Western Canadian Championships (April 29 – May 3) have been cancelled: Gymnastics B.C. and Delta Gymnastics made the official announcement on March 18, 2020.

Canadian Championships (May 19 – 24) are still under review: On March 18, 2020, Gymnastics Canada issued a statement that they believe it is important to continue with plans to host this competition and are looking at options to postpone for up to 4 weeks. Given the fluidity of the current situation, they may need to re-assess that ‘window’ as the COVID-19 situation develops. View full GymCan update.

Clubs are Advised to Stay Closed Until Further Notice
AGF member clubs have done an outstanding job of taking proactive measures to help prevent further spread of COVID-19. All member clubs have voluntarily closed their gyms and adjusted programming to ensure full and timely compliance with provincial and federal government recommendations.
Due to the current state of emergency in Alberta, and upon recommendation from AGF’s insurance providers (Markel and Toole Peet), all AGF member clubs are strongly advised to keep their facilities closed and not resume gymnastics programming until further notice from AGF. Please be reminded that there is no coverage for members who fall ill due to COVID-19 as per Markel’s Contagion Exclusion.

Resources are Available
Daily updates are being made to AGF’s COVID-19 webpage as we continue to work with partners on compiling resources that may be of help to our members at this time. Please check back often.
AGF Staff Availability
To help slow the spread of COVID-19, most AGF staff are now working from home. Remote working procedures have been put in place to ensure the efficient operation of our office. All employees can be reached by email or phone from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. View AGF staff contact details.
We thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding and will continue to keep members updated on changes as they occur.
Your AGF Team

Covid-19 Update #2 (March 16, 2020)

Dear Members,

 Thank you for your patience as we navigate through these challenging times.

 There are many levels that we need to consider as they affect both members and staff.

Please be aware that we are taking the matter very seriously and have been constantly evaluating this COVID-19 situation.

 Effective immediately our FACILITY is CLOSED.

How does this affect you?

Our LEAPAH’S LEARNING GARDEN PRE-SCHOOL is closed until further notice. We will be contacting you individually in regards to your payment plan.

For our RECREATIONAL PROGRAMS, we are cancelling the final week of the Winter session (March 16-22) – your report cards will be emailed to you over the course of the week.

 For those who have registered in our Spring session or the Spring Break events they are cancelled effective immediately. Any fees already paid will be credited to your account, if you so choose you can receive a refund. Please note a $5.00 admin fee will be applied to refunds to offset our system fees. If you would like your fees refunded please email contractadmin@ortonagymnastics.com or complete our online form, found here https://www.ortonagymnastics.com/register/request-cancellation/.

 A condensed Spring session may be considered and current registrants will receive priority sign-up.

 For our CONTRACT PROGRAMS – coaches will be contacting athletes, so they may continue conditioning from home during this time.

We will be re-evaluating weekly as to the possibility of re-starting training sessions.

 For the duration of the closure the hours missed will be credited.

 Please check periodically for updates.


 Thank you, as the health of our athletes and staff are our top priority.

 Should you have any questions, we are here to support you.

OGC Management & Board

Covid-19 Update #1

All recreational & competitive Ortona programs are proceeding as scheduled. As per ministry directives, Leapah’s Learning Garden Preschool will be closed. We will be issuing updates and keeping everyone informed.

At present the risk to Albertans from the novel COVID-19 (coronavirus) has been categorized as LOW by Alberta public health officials. 

From the Alberta Government site – corona-virus info:

COVID-19 is transmitted through person-to-person spread by:

COVID-19 is not airborne and cannot spread through the air over long distances or times, like the measles.

Studies suggest that the virus generally only lasts a few hours on a surface, though it may be possible for it to last several days under ‘ideal conditions’.


Preventing further spread:

In order to assist with containing COVID-19, we encourage the following:

For up to date information on the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) you can use the following links:

Alberta Gymnastics Federation: https://www.abgym.ab.ca/Safe-Sport/COVID-19-Updates

University of Alberta: https://www.ualberta.ca/services/health-centre/coronavirus-info/index.html

The Government of Alberta: https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx

Alberta Health Services: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/topics/Page16944.aspx

We will continue to monitor the information on COVID-19 and will contact you with any updates as they occur.

For questions or concerns surrounding this policy, or to report a diagnosis, please contact executivedirector@ortonagymnatics.com  or kelseyt@ortonagymnastics.com