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Covid-19 Daily Screening Checklist

Covid-19 Guidelines & Procedures 

The University has established the following plan to support your access to Saville and Ortona programs while maintaining a safe and healthy environment, and will be implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program:

  • Spectating is hold until further notice- We welcome you to walk your athlete to Ortona prior to their class and return for pick up time.
  • Parents – Child Drop-off/Pick-up – will not need to show proof of vaccination. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to Drop-off or Pick-up, be masked and maintain distance in the lobby area by the Ortona Entrance.
  • Youth under 12 will not need to show proof of immunization, or a negative test to access the facility or programs.
  • Adults (including Parents in Parent & Tot classes) and Youth (12 and older)  
    • Show proof of full vaccination - double dose is required
    • OR Show proof of exemption and a negative Covid test within the last 72hrs.

General guidelines/Info for everyone entering the gym: 

  • All athletes MUST complete a Covid-19 screening checklist DAILY prior to class. This form can be accessed on your Privit account HERE
  • Everyone must wear a mask upon entry at Saville Sports Centre. (Athletes may remove their facemask during high intensity physical activity.) We encourage all participants to wear a mask. 
  • All coaches & staff are required to fill out a daily Covid-19 screening checklist.  
  • Sanitizer is provided to all athletes/participants/staff around the facility.
  • Each athlete needs to grab a bin for their belongings from the cubby area to take with them onto the floor. Each bin is sanitized between uses by a staff member. 
  • Water fountains are currently closed, but our water bottle fillers remain open for athlete use. Please bring a labelled personal water bottle to class. 
  • The gym is fogged nightly with Vital Oxide. 

Saville’s Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Please click HERE for the newest updates on Saville Sports Centre’s current Covid-19 guidelines, policies, and procedures. 

On October 25th, all visitors to the University of Alberta sport and recreation facilities must:

  • Show proof of full vaccination - two doses at least 14 days prior is required
  • OR Show proof of exemption (medical or protected grounds) and proof of a negative Covid-19 test completed within the previous 72 hours.
  • OR Show University of Alberta CampusReady pass (until November 1, CampusReady passes showing temporary approval and proof of negative Covid-19 test completed within the previous 72 hours is acceptable)
  • AND Show valid personal identification or the University of Alberta OneCard. Not all youth (under 18) will have proof of ID, and access will be granted without a photo ID.

Alberta Health Services 

Please click HERE for information on Alberta’s new public health measures, and HERE for AHS general Covid-19 information.