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Ortona Fundraising Policy

We have had some questions arise as to fundraising within Ortona and how it works. We currently have three streams of fundraising that the club or its members can utilise.  


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These activities are defined as events that generate funds to solely benefit the club. 

No events at this time - refer to Ortona Gymnastics Parents Association for current fundraising events.


These activities are defined as events operated through Ortona with support from the members, where funds generated are split between the members and the club.


No events at this time  - refer to Ortona Gymnastics Parents Association for current fundraising events.

Establishing Fundraising Society

We are asking for members to join a member lead fundraising group.  The intent of this group is to form a society, complete with a board that can utilize fundraising methods to help offset some of the costs incurred in the sport of gymnastics.  The majority of the framework for this society has already been completed and we need the help of willing individuals to give their time to keep the momentum going.

The largest proceeds for fundraising are events such as casinos and raffles, but in order to benefit from these events we must be a fully organized society and there are restrictions in place regarding the length of time we have been established.  It is the goal of the member led group to be in a position to be eligible to apply for these opportunities within the next 2 year.

More information to come as the committee completes the registration process of this society.