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Acrobatics & Tumbling

The sport of Acrobatics & Tumbling is the evolution of different forms of gymnastics, consisting of tumbling, tosses, acrobatic lifts, and pyramids.

Acrobatics & Tumbling has grown exponentially as a varsity sport since it was first seen at the collegiate level in 2011. During the first year of competition there were only 6 schools across the country that offered A&T. To date there are 30 Colleges and Universities across the United States that compete under the National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association (NCATA), the sport’s governing body. As the sport continues to grow, more and more scholarship opportunities are available at many Colleges and Universities around the United States for female athletes wanting to pursue their sport in college.

At the college level, Acrobatics & Tumbling is offered at all three levels of the NCAA: Division I, II, and III. A&T Teams are treated as varsity sports on their respective campus, just like any other organized college sports. Teams will typically have a roster of 28-40 athletes, attend 6-8 competitions per season, and train up to 20 hours per week.

At the club level, A&T is recognized as a Junior Olympics sport governed by USA Gymnastics under their Gymnastics For All Program. Teams at the club level typically consist of 15 athletes who fill positions such as bases, mid-bases and tops, all possessing a variety of skills. There are three different divisions at the club level: youth, junior, and senior. Each division has their own specific skill sets in the acro, pyramid, toss, tumbling, and team event.

Acrobatics & Tumbling meets are exciting, fast-paced, and fan friendly. Meets are generally held in a basketball arena where 2-3 teams compete head-to-head with live scoring based on starting difficulty values and execution. A team can score a maximum of 300 points in meet. The team with the highest overall score is declared the winner. Throughout the meet teams compete in six events, including: Compulsory, Acro, Pyramid, Toss, Tumbling, and Team Event. A brief description of each event is provided below.

Compulsory – Each team competes an identical pre-determined set of skills with a pre-determined starting value of 10.0. There are four heats that include: acro, pyramid, toss, and tumbling.

Acro – Teams compete in three different heats of 5, 6, and 7 element acro skills. Teams of typically 2-4 athletes will compete acrobatics movements that demonstrate strength, balance, and technique from both the bases and tops.

Pyramid – Teams compete in three pyramid heats: inverted top, synchronized, and open. Teams want to use as few athletes as possible to create the most unique and difficult pyramid. Pyramids are 2.5 people high.

Halftime – After the completion of the first three event, there is a 15 minute halftime. During this time team warm up for the second half of competition.

Toss – A high flying event with four athletes tossing a fifth athlete high in the air, while flipping and/or twisting forward or backward. There are 3 heats, one being a synchronized toss.

Tumbling – The tumbling event will show the power of a team. With six different heats including synchronized and solo passes, tumbling combinations will feature difficulty, multiple flips, and twists.

Team Event – Athletes perform synchronized choreographed skills in a 2 ½ minute routine set to music. Each team competes up to 24 athletes. Routines are composed to showcase all skill sets that have been competed in the previous 5 events

Competitive Team:

Our competitive team will compete in Jr. Olympics Acrobatics & Tumbling qualifying competitions in the United States and work to earn a place at the National Championships that are held each year.

Developmental Team:

Our Developmental Team will be designed to teach the main elements of A&T and allow aspiring athletes to develop their skills in tumbling, toss, pyramid, and more, in order to prepare them for a future on the Competitive Team.

These programs are invitation only. We also host tryout dates throughout the year.

The following are our current upcoming Tryout Dates

  • Tuesday July 16th 3:00-5:00pm
  • Thursday July 18th 3:00-5:00pm
  • Tuesday July 23rd 3:00-5:00pm
  • Thursday July 25th 3:00-5:00pm
  • Tuesday July 30th 3:00-5:00pm
  • Thursday August 1st 3:00-5:00pm

Tryouts occur in 15 minute intervals, starting on the hour.