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Ages: 5 years 11 months to 14 years 11 months

Can Gym was created by Gymnastics Canada and is used as a progress monitoring and motivational tool for men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics. Athletes in the Can Gym program are beginner to advanced level recreational gymnasts and entry level competitive gymnasts. 

CanGum Badge 1The Can Gym program is based on Gymnastics Canada’s 3 philosophical pillars of fun, fitness and fundamentals. These 3 beliefs are integrated into every lesson which creates a welcoming, engaging and exciting environment for all gymnasts.

CAN GYM has two objectives:
  1. To provide a badge-based, skill development program for Canadian gymnastic clubs.
  2. To provide resource material that complements the Level 1 and 2 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Gymnastics curriculum. Can Gym is a progressive 12-badge program that challenges kids to develop their gymnastic skills in a fun and safe environment. Every child receives a progress card and a badge when each level is completed.

Can Gym Ortona Style

Can Gym is divided into 12 different badge levels, and each badge has a different colour. An athlete must learn the skills required at each badge before they can move on to the next level. The skills taught grow more difficult with each ascending badge.

Badges 1 through 4 are co-ed, but Ortona does offer recommendation only, gender-specific classes at these early levels. At badge 5, the classes are separated by gender so that athletes focus on apparatus specific to men’s or women’s artistic gymnastics.

To maximize the amount of training time available to the athletes and to reinforce similar skills at different levels, badges 1 and 2 are combined into a single class, badges 7 and 8 are combined into a single class for girls as well as badges 9 to 12. For boys, badges 5 to 12 are combined into a single class. Although these badges are grouped together, each athlete must still advance through the badge levels in order.

Co-ed CanGym Badges 1-4- LTAD 2

Co-ed CanGym ClassesAt these levels, athletes focus on learning skills grouped into one of the 6 fundamental movement patterns: landings, locomotions, stationary positions, rotations, springs and swings. Skills at this level are taught on a variety of competitive and non-competitive apparatuses. Athletes progress through the 4 badges at their own pace depending on their abilities and goals.

Girls CanGym Badge 5-12- LTAD 3

At badge 5, the girls begin to focus on women’s artistic gymnastics events which are the vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor. Additionally, fundamental movements are combined with basic skills to teach the athletes more advanced skills. Athletes must train regularly to maintain strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

At levels 5 through 8, athletes are encouraged to train at least twice a week, and at levels 9 to 12 at least 2 weekly sessions are required for an athlete to maintain their success and keep up with the training.

  • Badge 5Purple: The athletes begin to develop skills required for women’s artistic gymnastics apparatuses. These skills include round-off’s, basic vault skils, uneven bar swings and casts as well as basic dance elements for balance beam and floor exercise.
    Girls CanGym
  • Badge 6Blue: Athletes further build on basic techniques and learn skills to help them succeed on each of the 4 apparatuses such as circle elements on the bars, floor combinations, vaulting skills and basic acrobatic elements for the balance beam.
  • Badge 7/8Turquoise/Silver: These badge levels are combined into a single class which allows athletes to focus on mastering the techniques required to potentially make the transition from recreational training to developmental or competitive training.
  • Badges 9–12Orange/Yellow/Green/Gold: The final 4 badge levels are combined into a single class which focuses on mastering skills required to compete in WAG competitions. The athletes maintain strength and flexibility while working towards the possibility of transitioning to a competitive program. Badges 9-12 entails higher level acrobatic skills such as tumbling lines and saltos. Connecting of elements is another component to the levels to aide athletes in the creation of routines.

Boys CanGym Badge 5-12- LTAD 3

Athletes focus on apparatuses that are specific to men’s artistic gymnastics and fundamental movements are combined to teach athletes advanced skills. At levels 5 through 8, athletes are encouraged to train at least twice a week, and at levels 9 to 12 at least 2 weekly sessions are required to maintain an athlete’s success in strength and flexibility.

CanGym Boys
  • Badge 5Purple: The athletes begin to develop skills required for the men’s artistic events: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar.
  • Badge 6Blue: Athletes begin to work on maintaining their strength and flexibility while furthering their apparatus specific skills such as circle elements on high bar and pommel horse, floor combinations and handspring vaults. 
  • Badge 7Turquoise: By this level athletes are learning techniques specific to each of the 6 apparatuses. Athletes will continue to increase their strength & flexibility while working on their basic swings, circles, springs and beginner saltos.
  • Badge 8Silver: By this badge level, athletes have learned various techniques for the apparatuses and may even consider a more competitive focus.
  • Badge 9Orange: This level focuses on combining fundamental movements with basic skills to create sequences of movement.
  • Badge 10Yellow: Athletes continue to develop and excel at harder skills such as saltos, long sequences on the pommel, twists and advanced swings.
  • Badge 11Green: Athletes are now well versed in the basic skills and are continuing to focus on more difficult techniques.
  • Badge 12Gold: The final badge level means that athletes have mastered the skills required to complete Can Gym a special recognition award is given when all levels have been completed.

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