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Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

We have provided you information on Gymnastics Canada’s LTAD information below. Please click on the "LTAD" portion of the legend and you will be provided with information for each stage:


LTAD 1- Stage 1- Active Start

LTAD 2-  Stage 2- Fun, Fitness & Fundamental Movement Patterns

LTAD 3- Stage 3- Building the Skills of Gymnastics

LTAD 4- Stage 4- Specialization in a Gym Discipline

LTAD 5- Stage 5- Becoming a Consistent Competitor

LTAD 6- Stage 6- Winning at All Levels

LTAD 7- Stage 7- International Excellence & Podium Performances

LTAD 8- Stage 8- Gymnastics for Life- Active for Life