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 Performance Team

This program is fun and exciting twist on the sport of Gymnastics! Athletes work on gymnastics skills, dance, acrobatics, group and partner stunts on the floor and build a large group routines that include music, themes and props. Costumes and other equipment are also utilized to make every routine unique and fun. Performance Team participants will perform in local demonstrations as well as Alberta Gymnastics Annual Gym Fest. Athletes must commit to twice a week and due to the team component of the routines will be required to attend the practices on a regular committed basis.

Commitment: 2 days per week , 2 hours per practice.

Day 1: Athletes will work on their Can Gym Badge levels

Day 2: Athletes will work on tumbling, trampoline, stunt work and routines.

How the year will work:

September- December: Athletes will work on basic to advanced skills as well as conditioning to strengthen them for harder skills. Trampoline, tumbling and stunts will be the focus.

December –March: Athletes will continue to work on tumbling and trampoline skills, dance and stunts and will begin to also focus more on the routine building component putting all of these items together. 

April- June: Athletes will continue to perfect their group routine as well as work on their skill acquisition in preparation for Gym Fest!

Interested in the Program?
These programs are invitation only. We also host Tryout dates throughout the year, check out our website for upcoming dates. You can also Request an Assessment.