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Open Gym

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Family Open Gym

Ages: All ages (Minimum 18 months)

(See notes below)

Preschool Open Gym

Ages: 6 and under (Minimum 18 months)

(See notes below)

Adult Open Gym

Ages: 18 plus 

(identification may be requested)


April 14

Thursday 7:30pm - 9:00pm

April 21 - June 23

Thursdays from 10:00am--11:30am

April 20 - June 22

Wednesdays from 9:00pm - 10:30pm

Schedule Closures All other Family Open Gyms are closed until further notice N/A N/A 
Facility Information N/A Preschool Open Gym has access to main gymnastics space Adult Open Gym has access to main gymnastics space. 

Special Requirements for Family and Preschool Open Gym:

  • Participants 8 to 12  years of age must have a parent/guardian in Ortona’s Facility.
  • Participants 8 and under must have a parent/guardian in attendance at the gym at all times.
  • For participants 5 and under participating, a parent/guardian over the age of 18 is required on the floor at arm’s length. (There is no charge for these parents/guardians to be on the floor while supervising their young ones; however, if you are using equipment than we ask you pay at the front. Notification of Risk is required for both participant and supervising parent/guardian.)


Prices listed below are the admission prices per participant subject to GST                              

 PRICES LISTED ARE PER PERSON Family Open Gym PreSchool Open Gym Adult Open Gym
Ortona Members (current):




General Admission (Non Members):