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Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

The Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) program is made up of several levels of developmental and competitive streams. Younger gymnasts begin the WAG program in levels that focus on introductory gymnastics, learning and training to compete, and skill and ability development. 
Each level is based on Gymnastics Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework. LTAD ensures the optimal development for gymnasts of all ages, interests and abilities and in all gymnastics disciplines and helps every athlete reach their full potential.
Each program is open-ended so that the coach can alter and adapt the program to best suit the needs and abilities of each athlete. The programs are also tailored to match the child’s strengths and weaknesses. This tailoring ensures that each child gets the best training possible and results in a unique experience for each athlete.
Athletes in the WAG program advance through these levels which are ordered by age and ability.
WAG Developmental Program- LTAD 1/LTAD 2/LTAD 3/LTAD 4

WAG Xcel

Xcel is an alternative competitive gymnastics program aiming to provide athletes of various ages and stages of their gymnastics development the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of the competitive gymnastics atmosphere. Athletes participating in the Xcel program have the opportunity to advance through 5 levels based on age and skill level.

A program targeting those looking to increase their gymnastics commitment or for those that are interested in returning at a lower intensity than our primary competitive program. The Xcel program also provides an increased level of fluidity in skill development for athletes, encouraging a more personalized skill development path while maintaining the emphasis on developing strength, flexibility consistency and confidence as athletes progress. 

Interested in a Program?
These programs are invitation only. We also host Tryout dates throughout the year, check out our website for upcoming dates. You can also Request an Assessment.
Interested in a Program?