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Active For Life (Teen) 

Age: 11 - 17 years 

Teen Artistic Gymnastics- LTAD 8

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Active For Life (Adult) 

Age: 18 plus

There is a common belief that gymnastics is a sport for the young. Most people over 25 might feel that they are too old for gymnastics, but here at Ortona, we believe in gymnastics for all. Whether you’re 9 or 99, you can find something beneficial and rewarding in gymnastics.

The Benefits of Gymnastics for Adults:

Adult Programs at Ortona: 

Ortona’s adult programs are separated into 2 levels: beginner and intermediate/advanced. These 2 levels allow every individual, regardless of their ability, knowledge or experience, to participate in gymnastics and experience the positive feeling that comes from being active. 

Beginner Program-LTAD 8:

Ortona’s beginner program covers an introduction to basic skills on all gymnastics apparatuses for both Men’s Artistic and Women’s Artistic disciplines. These apparatuses include floor exercises, bars, rings, vault, pommel horse and balance beam. Several introductory gymnastics skills will be taught:

The ultimate goal of the beginner program is to get our new gymnasts feeling comfortable in the gym. Additionally, we want every athlete to build a base of gymnastics movements and skills that they can use to further develop their techniques and learn harder skills. Each athlete is challenged individually based upon the progress he or she shows, which guarantees that everyone is moving at their own safe pace.

Intermediate/Advanced Program- LTAD 8:

The intermediate/advanced program is structured differently than the beginner class, as the focus shifts to the individual goals of each athlete enrolled in the program. The class works in the same area of the gym, but each athlete exercises individually, working towards the skills and goals they have set out to achieve.

Athletes in this level have a working grasp of the basic fundamental movements and gymnastics skills. Some athletes will often be veterans of the adult program and will have been a part of the program for several years.

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 You’re never too young to gain something positive from the sport of gymnastics.