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If you want to register yourself or your athlete in a class, but are not sure which class to take, getting an assessment with one of our Coaches is a great place to start!

Book online - we have times posted and available AFTER OCTOBER 11, 2017 See below for instructions

An assessment takes approximately 10-15 minutes and the assessing coach will discuss their recommendation for best placement of you or your athlete at the end of the assessment. Please have your athlete dressed appropriately for active movement as they will be taken on the gym floor and put through a series of skills

To book your appointment (it’s FREE! Did we mention that?) you have few options

Option 1:  Please complete the form below and wait for a response within 5 business days to confirm an available appointment


Option 2: Set up your account and then add your child.  You can then reserve your spot immediately by selecting an open time and date.

Option 3: Ortona Scheduled Events

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