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Open Gym Information

Due to AGF regulations, trampolines are not available for any of our open gym programs.

Family Open Gym is now on Fridays from 7:30pm - 9:00pm 

Reminder to our Open Gym participants:

All Open Gym participants will be required to create an account prior to coming to Open Gym. As per the Alberta Gymnastics Federation’s policy, all drop in participants are obligated to purchase a club membership after 3 or more visits. Those who have attended a drop in program more than 3 times since July 1st  (and are not yet members) will be required to purchase an Ortona/AGF Recreational membership before attending any more drop in programs. You can purchase an Ortona Recreational membership online after setting up an account.

Notification of Risk must be completed, printed, and signed prior to admittance on the floor for our OPEN GYM PROGRAMS. The "Notification of Risk" form is located on our waivers menu bar located on this page. 

Reminder : Participants including parents that are on the floor supervising without a completed Notification of Risk are not allowed to participate in Open Gym.

Ortona reserves the right to limit the number of participants during the time slots listed below.


Ortona reserves the right to limit the number of participants during the time slots listed below.

REGISTER ONLINE MEMBER OR NON MEMBER Purchase spots online.  You do not need a membership but you do need to set up an account on our system to attend the open gym.

We also need a waiver completed the first time you attend during the July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 - this is to adhere to our insurance coverage requirements.

Purchase your spot early click  Register for one of our Open Gym offerings 


Family Open Gym

Ages: All ages (Minimum 18 months)

(See notes below)

Preschool Open Gym

Ages: 6 and under (Minimum 18 months)

(See notes below)

Adult Open Gym

Ages: 18 plus 

(identification may be requested)


January 11, 2019 to June 21, 2019

Fridays 7:30pm--9:00pm

September 18, 2018 to June 11, 2019

Tuesdays  9:30am--11:00am 

September 18, 2018 to June 18, 2019

Tuesdays  8:30pm--10:00pm (The admissions office closes at 8:50pm)

Schedule Closures  Last Class - June 21st 

 Last Class - June 11th 

  June 4, Last Class - June 18th 

Facility Information Family Open Gym has access to main gymnastics space. Trampolines are not open for Family open gym. Preschool Open Gym is in the main (large) gymnastics space. Trampolines are not open for Preschool open gym. Adult Open Gym has access to main gymnastics space. Trampolines are not open for Adult open gym.

Special Requirements for Family and Preschool Open Gym:

Participants 8 to 12  years of age must have a parent/guardian in Ortona’s Facility.

Participants 8 and under must have a parent/guardian in attendance at the gym at all times.

For participants 5 and under participating, a parent/guardian over the age of 18 is required on the floor at arm’s length.

There is no charge for these parents/guardians to be on the floor while supervising their young ones; however, if you are using equipment than we ask you pay at the front. Notification of Risk is required for both participant and supervising parent/guardian. 


PRICES - Effective July 1, 2018

Prices listed below are the admission prices per participant subject to GST

Reminder that Ortona members receive special pricing - if you want to become an Ortona member purchase a Recreational membership                               

 PRICES LISTED ARE PER PERSON Family open gym PreSchool open gym Adult open gym
Ortona Members (current):




GO/SCSC Members (current): 




General Admission (Non Members):




Facility Rules

For the enjoyment of everyone at our facility, please abide by the following rules:

  • The Supervising Coach is in charge and has the authority to remove or refuse entrance to participants.
  • Individual entrance requires proper ID or membership.
  • All participants and supervising adults need a Notification of Risk/waiver form signed before they are allowed to participate on the gym floor.
  • Please no horseplay in the gym at any time.
  • All accidents and incidents must be reported to the Supervising Coach.
  • No smoking or alcohol use.
  • No swearing or rude language
  • No gum, candy, food or drink allowed on the gym floor, other than water. Only water in a spill-proof water bottle -that is not glass- is allowed
  • No cell phones on the gym floor
  • Ortona is not responsible for any lost or stolen items
  • Ortona has a zero tolerance policy for bullying
  • PARENTS – drop off your children at the orange doors and proceed upstairs to the viewing area.                          
  • Please no parents past the drop off area

 Please help us keep our facility clean:

  • Return all equipment to its original place when finished
  • Remove all of your garbage from the gym
  • Do not leave any personal belongings (grips, wrist bands, clothing, etc.) in the gym
  • No outside shoes on the gym floor, please leave them in front cubbies or carry them to the locker room
  • If your child has an accident, please find a staff member to assist you with clean up

 Please help us keep our facility safe:

  • Wait on the bleachers for your class to start
  • Please stay off equipment while waiting
  • All class participants need permission to leave the gym floor
  • Any skill unfamiliar to a participant should not be performed
  • Participants should be bare foot only
  • No jewellery (long earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, necklaces, etc.) allowed
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • No jeans, belts, skirts, dresses or ripped clothing

Equipment rules: 

  • Trampolines, including Tumble Track, are not for use at any open gym.
  • Landing ‘feet first’ only on all equipment

Open Gym Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, please follow the Open Gym rules below, in addition to our Facility Rules.

  • Please come dressed appropriately for active movement.  No jewellery, tie long hair back, and only bare feet on the gym floor.
  • Baby carriers (Snuggies, framed carriers, slings, etc.) are not allowed on the gym floor.
  • Anyone breaking equipment will be charged for its replacement cost.
  • Not all equipment on the gym floor is available during Open Gym. Please obey posted closures.

Family Open Gym requirements

  • Participants 5 years old and younger require an adult guardian on the floor within arm’s reach at all times. (There is no charge for guardians supervising their young ones. Active adult participation is required is all participants can PLAY and LEARN in a safe environment.) 
  • Participants 6 to 8 years old require an adult guardian to be on the bleachers in the gym.
  • Participants 9 to 12 years old require an adult guardian to be in the facility.
  • Participants 13 to 17 years old do not require a parent/guardian in the facility, but must come with a signed Notification of Risk/waiver form.

Anyone not following the rules will receive a warning and/or be removed from the gym. Two warnings in one session will result in removal from the gym. More than two removals will result in a permanent block from Open Gym participation.

The following is a fillable (pdf format) form. Please compete, print, sign, and bring to the office the night of Open Gym.  

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