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Recreational Spring Session - Registration Closed (as of April 29th at 5:30pm)

April 29th, we received notice that the GoA & AHS are imposing new restrictions for indoor sport and recreation facilities, effective April 30th. 

As of 5:30pm on April 29th we have received confirmation from the GoA & AHS that all indoor sport and recreation activities are prohibited.  As such, for a minimum of two weeks, the Spring Session “A” will be suspended.  We will look to resume the session on May 15th, this date is subject to change until the region falls below the case threshold as listed on the GoA website (here), the schedule will remain the same just pushed two weeks for the end of the session.  

We are shifting the end dates of Spring Session “A” to be two-weeks later than scheduled, please see the below table to find the new End dates, dates schedule to changes - please keep an eye on our website and your email as we will be providing updates as information becomes available. Please note we will be closed for the Victoria Day holiday, Monday May 24th regardless of current restrictions.

Our team of coaches & staff understand the impact this has on our members, and we also feel the burden from Covid-Fatigue. Ortona is “One Team,” and we will continue to get through these difficult times with the support of one another. Please connect with us via social media to keep your athlete(s) engaged and enjoying the sport we all love.


Spring Session A

  • April 17th-June 11th (5/6 week program)- 
  • Monday offerings will only be 5-weeks
  • Tuesday-Sunday will be 6-weeks
  • Closed MondayMay 24th 

Week Day




April 19

Jun 07


April 20

Jun 08


April 21

Jun 09


April 22

Jun 10


April 23

Jun 11


April 17

Jun 05


April 18

Jun 06











Spring Session B

  • Dates to be announced
  • Registration date to be announced

Phone: 780.492.7300

E-mail: Generalinfo@ortonagymnastics.com

*Please note that the spring sessions are subject to change based on direction provided by the Government of Alberta.*

Thank you,

Team Ortona


What To Know

Arrive Prepared

If you have already paid the 10.00 deposit for the Winter 2021 session and would like to use that towards your registration for one of our March 2021 one-off classes please contact the front desk at (780) 492-7300 or email generalinfo@ortonagymnastics.com with your Participants name and the Class that you would like them registered in (including Date and Time). Once your email has been received an Invoice will be created on your account, with your paid deposit applied, for your class and then the remainder can be paid online. Please note that the full amount of the one-off class fee must be paid prior to attending the class." 

Cancellation/Refund Policy


 Create an account on PRIVIT to complete your online waiver and COVID-19 screening form. Instructions are provided here: Ortona - Customer Registration Instructions 

If your class is a Parented Class, you will need to complete all forms for both your child and yourself.

Call 780-492-7300 or email at generalinfo@ortonagymnastics.com - if you have any questions, we are glad to assist!

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