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Request Cancellation and Policies

Please note: if submitting a Cancellation request due for Medical reasons please remember that an accompanying Medical note must be submitted as well in order to process the Cancellation.


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Recreational classes:

  • All Ortona Memberships, open gyms and parents night out/date night are non-refundable.
  • When it comes to cancellations, the registration deadlines vary with each program and session. Each session’s information page lists these dates.
  • Programs with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled one week after the start date. Ortona reserves the right to cancel or change a program as necessary. If we cancel a class, refunds will be issued. To compensate for cancelled classes during the course of a program, the program may be extended. If this is not possible, a partial rebate will be available for those who are enrolled in the program.
  • For credit card refund requests, the information of the same credit card that was used to make the original purchase must be provided.
  • The class fee refunds vary depending on how close the withdrawal date is to the course start date:
    • If withdrawing more than twenty-one (21) days before the course start date, a full refund of class fees will be received.
    • If withdrawing more than eight (8) days but less than twenty (20) days before the course start date, a $20 administrative fee will be levied to the refund when applied as a credit on account. $25 administrative fee will be levied when the refund is applied as a payout.
    • If withdrawing within seven (7) days of course start date, refunds will be granted only when medical circumstances arise or an Exceptional Personal Circumstance occurs (such as a death in the family). No refunds otherwise.
  • Classes missed by participant will not be refunded or made up. Classes cancelled by Ortona (such as coach illness or other extenuating circumstances) will either be made up or the missed class refunded.
  • All medical withdrawals require a medical note to be submitted before they can be processed
    • Any Recreational medical refunds will be subject to an administrative fee of $10 per note
    • All submitted medical notes should clearly state the time period that an athlete cannot participate for
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