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About Ortona

Ortona Gymnastics is a non-profit club focused on the advancement of the sport of gymnastics in the Edmonton area. The club’s reputation is well established in the community and has a solid history of training athletes since its beginnings in 1976.

Our philosophy is that gymnastics is available to everyone who wants to try and that there is always a place for a child who wants to participate.

Ortona is a friendly, inviting place to experience fun and challenging activities for any level of interest and skill.

We continue to develop new, innovative programs and training levels to meet the growing and changing needs of the community and of its athletes.


Gymnastics for All.


Enriching the lives of those in our community who strive for personal excellence, through gymnastics.

Introducing our Team

Our team works together to help each gymnast in one of Ortona’s recreational, development or competitive programs become the best possible gymnast; while keeping true to Ortona’s vision, mission and goals. 
  • Our coaching team has such a depth of technical strengths and a passion for gymnastics. 
  • Our administrative team provides the support to our coaches, parents and participants throughout the year. 
Introducing our Team at Ortona:

NCCP Coach Amanda

I am a former competitive dancer that got a later pull into the world of gymnastics when I was 19. I was a recreational coach and always strive to work hard while having fun, this is something I will strive for in my classes. I am looking forward to progressing my knowledge in gymnastics and push myself to grow as a coach. I have a background in Educational Assistant course and am looking forward to applying the skills and knowledge I have acquired to my coaching technique. My goal is to always create a fun learning environment that will allow for growth and discovery in all the athletes I have the pleasure of coaching. My favorite part of coaching is watching an athlete complete a move they have struggled with and seeing the drive in them to work harder because of it.
  • I enjoy horseback riding and camping.
  • Curling up with tea and a good book.
 Fun Facts:
  • I have been riding horses since I was 4 years old.

NCCP Coach Andrey

I have been working in Ortona since 2017 and I have coached for many years, since 2006. A coach is an interesting and creative work. Often you have to work hard not only to improve the physiological characteristics of the athlete but also to form a personality, concepts of responsibility, team spirit, sports ethics and else. 

I became a T&T coach because, as a former athlete, I understand that sport is not only healthy but it is an ability to achieve goals, go forward and be resistant. My aim is to help the athletes overcome themselves and do more than they think are available to do. 
  • Invent and produce various sports equipment.
  • I also like fishing and hiking.

Dance Specialist Bianca

I have been dancing competitively since I was three and I was a competitive rhythmic gymnast for five years. I have been teaching since I was thirteen, I started with Ortona because I wanted to expand my teaching knowledge and I wanted more opportunity to learn and grow. I have been to summer intensives at Canada’s National Ballet School, The School of Alberta Ballet, and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. I also reached my second year of novice in my Rhythmic Gymnastics training and continue to share a passion for it. I have learned over the years that gymnastics and dance go hand in hand and sharing my passion of both through technique and emotion remains my main goal in teaching. My favourite motto is “Life is short so enjoy it while it lasts and take the risk”
  • I love watching hockey and football
  • In my spare time I love meditative colouring
 Fun Facts:
  • I have always loved playing soccer
  • I love school and studying and prefer podcasts over music.

NCCP Coach Daniel

I have been with Ortona since 2015 and coaching gymnastics since 2010. As a former competitive gymnast, I love sharing my passion for gymnastics and building physical literacy with all of my athletes! I am inspired each day by the athletes I coach, both recreational and competitive. They constantly remind me why gymnastics is such a special sport. It not only builds fitness and contributes to a healthy lifestyle, but helps build independent and resilient young people.

I can’t wait to continue all the fun, laughs and unforgettable moments I see in the gym each week!


NCCP Coach Danika

I have been at Ortona for 13 years, first as a gymnast and now as a coach. I was a gymnast for 13 years and ended my training as a National level athlete. It was natural for me to move from competing to coaching so I could share my gymnastics knowledge and love of the sport with others. I have been coaching for 6 years now and I am currently working with our developmental and competitive programs.

Gymnastics has always been such a huge part of my life and has taught me so many important life skills. I hope to inspire new young athletes to try new things and learn how gymnastics can help them too. It is very satisfying for me to see how the kids improve from week to week and how excited they get when they master a new skill. I look forward to this year when I can help new and returning athletes to Ortona. 
  • I love listening to music and going to the movies!
  • I love to travel when I get the chance to! 
 Fun Facts:
  • I have 2 golden retrievers named Kota and Kaper!
  • I’m currently studying Anthropology at the University of Alberta!

NCCP Coach/Birthday Coordinator Elyse

I’ve been here at Ortona since I was in Parent and Tot myself back at the bubble. I moved through the recreational programs until I joined the CIT program in 2013, and eventually became a coach. This year I have taken on an additional role as a CSR. I have been involved with various sports throughout my life, so it was fitting for me to work in sport. Currently I am attending the University of Alberta, I am working towards a Bachelor of Education. I am passionate about working with kids, I love watching them grow and learn.
  • In my spare time I enjoy painting and various other fine art mediums. My major is in art, so I have spent a lot of time in the studio working on portraits, still life work, landscapes, and abstract work.
 Fun Facts:
  • I took the PAC 160 gymnastics course here through the U of A and I got an A!

NCCP Coach/Operations Coordinator Garrison

In December 2018, I started as a recreational coach at the Ortona Gymnastics Club. Since then, I have had the opportunity to grow into various roles, eventually promoting to the Operations Coordinator. As a child, I spent several years in gymnastics, and though I grew distant from the program for many years, I am absolutely thrilled to be back at it. I love facilitating learning and positive change in those around me, especially our young athletes, and being able to both coach and work in operations is a great way to do that. I am most happy when everything runs smoothly, and we at Ortona can all focus on facilitating the growth of our athletes and helping them reach their best future.
  • I love to write! Books, short stories, poems, plays, anything that lets me tell stories.
  • Driving, especially for long road trips.
 Fun Facts:
  • I have gone camping each and every month out of the year, at one point or another!
  • I’ve self-published four books.

NCCP Coach Holly

I started with Ortona 15 years ago as a recreational athlete at the age of 4. I did both Artistic gymnastics and Trampoline & Tumbling, however, only competed in Trampoline & Tumbling. I later furthered my dedication to Ortona by becoming a full time employee working as a coach as well as a field trip coordinator. As a coach, I am committed to the athletes to ensure they experience and fun and positive experience in gymnastics, while also pushing them to be the best they can be. I feel success everyday through my athletes, as they achieve goals they set for themselves and participate in a sport that will resonate throughout their lives.
  • I enjoy spending my free time riding my horses Jinx and Gypsy!
  • Singing, Camping, Skiing
 Fun Facts:
  • I have made it to semi-finals, singing at Big Valley Jamboree
  • I own 8 horses 2 dogs and a cat.

NCCP Coach Jacaida

I grew up in the gymnastics world, it runs in my family in fact. My dad was once a competitive coach, and my older sister is currently coaching after years of training. At 19 years old I have combined 15 years experience competitive training and coaching. This sport truly is my passion, working with kids and watching them learn the skills that I once also struggled with, and finally succeeding, is one of my favourite feelings. The confidence boost each child gets when they finally nail that pullover or stick their landing is inspiring and is one of many reasons I continue to return to the gymnastics community. I look forward to working with all ages and skill levels in my classes with Ortona and helping kids make steps towards meeting all of their goals both in and out of the gymnastics world.


Operations Director Kelsey

As a former Provincial level three artistic gymnast, and trained competitive dancer of 21 years, I have shared both passion and knowledge within the programs here at Ortona Gymnastics Club. I started with Ortona as a dance teacher to enrich the competitive WAG program with artistry. I’m personally trained in various styles of dance such as Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Novelty, & Hip-Hop. My training in dance has allowed me to perform alongside artists such as Sarah McLachlan, and Tegan & Sara, as well as attend workshops under the direction of Janet Jackson’s choreographers, perform at large scale events, compete internationally, and train in Edmonton. I furthered my dedication to Ortona by becoming a full time gymnastics coach working with both recreational and competitive athletes. Sharing my love of both dance & gymnastics by providing success through positivity and technicality will remain my goal for the members of OGC. In 2018, I grew into the role of Sport Operations Facility Manager at Ortona, later promoting to Operations Director. As the Operations Director, I am committed to our staff and all OGC members to ensure a positive environment is met. Every day, I feel successful when I see our youth smiling as they participate in a sport that will resonate throughout their lives.  My motto for Ortona is, try your personal best, be ready to work, & execute positive influence for others!
  • I enjoy my time at the dog park with my two Huskies, Berkley & Denali!
  • Quadding, camping, boating, and being outdoors!
 Fun Facts:
  • I’m certified through the WPIC as a wedding coordinator, and I love to plan events!
  • My cat is named Tsuk, and was named after the vault gymnastics skill “Tsukahara!”

Dance Specialist/NCCP Coach Kristin

As a professional RAD and Cecchetti ballet teacher, trained at The National Ballet School of Canada, it has been my pleasure to work with the competitive athletes here at Ortona. I hope to bring a sense of artistry, coordination, musicality, line and performance to competitive performances. 

I also have the privilege of work with youngsters in Lepah’s Learning garden, bringing the children a selection of music and movement activities, songs and games, and early literacy skills to the classroom. 
 Fun Facts:
  • I graduated with a library degree in 2015
  • I have over 25 years teaching experience

NCCP Coach Monique

I have been a competitive gymnast for 10 years. It was my love and passion for the sport of gymnastics that led me to become a coach.

I love seeing my young athletes grow and progress with each and every training day. I would love to inspire and give them the passion that I have for gymnastics.


Competitive Program Manager Nikki

Gymnastics has been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember. I started training at the age of 4 and progressed through developmental to become a High Performance National athlete. During my gymnastics career I worked my way to compete at 6 National Championships. When I was 14 I started in Ortona’s Coach in Training Program. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of special needs, recreational, developmental and competitive athletes. My passion for coaching grew when I was given the opportunity to take on my first competitive group and help them achieve their goals. My goal is to strive to help the athletes I coach become the best gymnasts possible and grow into well rounded people in the process.
  • I love trying new restaurants
  • Drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes with Coach Daniel
 Fun Facts:
  • I have a teaching degree from the University of Alberta
  • I was an Edmonton Eskimos Cheerleader for 4 seasons

NCCP Coach Ron

I have coached and worked with children and athletes for 31 years. I’m originally from Calgary, where I was a competitive tumbler with the national team. I trained and competed for Mount Royal and U of C for 6 years. I have worked with athletes from the age of 2 years up to adults. I moved to Edmonton in the summer of 1991 and coached at Ortona, I was the recreational director and head Trampoline and Tumbling coach. One of my athletes that year was the national tumbling champion. I was appointed the Men’s National Tumbling coach at worlds in New Zealand in 1992 for the Canadian team. I have had a lot of experience with Men’s and Women’s Artistic programming, as well as recreational and preschool programs.




NCCP Coach Sophia

Gymnastics has played a big part in my life; it taught me many life skills such as perseverance, discipline and respect. I started at Ortona in the recreational program for seven years reaching to badge ten before joining the trampoline and tumbling team where I competed for three years as a provincial athlete. I started coaching recreational gymnastics after retiring from the sport. I was motivated to pursue coaching because of the great experiences I have had with all of my previous instructors. The impact a good coach can have on an athlete is unbelievable and I aspire to spread my knowledge and passion for gymnastics through positivity to all of my gymnasts. 
  • I love baking all sorts of sweets for my friends and family! My favorite thing to make is macarons!
  • I have always enjoyed painting, drawing and calligraphy!
 Fun Facts:
  • I can speak and write in English, French and Japanese!
  • As well as gymnastics, I trained in ballet, jazz and tap until age 7!

NCCP Coach Vienna

I have been involved in gymnastics since I first started walking, the majority of those years being with Ortona. I trained as a competitive athlete for over 10 years and throughout my training was given many amazing opportunities to travel with the sport. My experience as a high level competitive gymnast has given me a strong understanding for the sport and the many benefits that come along with it. 
After retiring as a gymnast, I joined the Coach in Training program which provided as a transition from being a gymnast to becoming a trained coach. I recently became trained as a competitive coach and am very passionate about the developmental and competitive streams. I have been involved in the sport my entire life and have gained so many life skills from it and look forward to sharing my knowledge and love for the sport with Ortona athletes. 
  • I volunteer as an Alumni Choreographer at my High School
  • I love spending time with my two Golden Retrievers
 Fun Facts:
  • I am currently at the University of Alberta in the Business Program
  • After retiring as a gymnast, I did competitive Track and Field and was given the opportunity to compete in the Alberta Summer Games.

NCCP Coach Will 

I have been at Ortona since 2012 where I started my gymnastics career, and have competed nationally representing Ortona and team Alberta. Over the past six years I have learned many skills very quickly, and achieved a great understanding for skills ranging from fundamentals to highly competitive skills. With this background I hope to use my knowledge to better the athletes I coach. I have previously been in  the coach in training class with Ortona where I used the skills I learned and applied them to the coaching environment. Following the coaching in training program I became an NCCP trained coach in gymnastics where I learned the fundamentals of coaching gymnastics. I hope to get you excited for training and be an impact in your gymnastics careers. I love the sport of gymnastics and look forward to coaching you!



NCCP Coach Aislinn

I developed an intense passion for gymnastics at a young age. As soon as I got home from training,  I’d admire and study my favourite gymnasts on YouTube to improve my own skill set and better  understand high-level skills. To this day, I can still name every Olympic All-Around Champion -  including the team they competed for - from Melbourne 1956 up to Rio 2016 (along with lots of other  random gymnastics facts - proud nerd here!). During my gymnastics career, I competed at a national  level.

I’ve always seen gymnastics as a form of art, and love the blend of power and artistry. My love for the sport inspired me to get involved first as a judge in 2011 and then as a coach in 2013. Since then I’ve worked my way up to being eligible to judge high performance national gymnastics, and I’ve had the chance to work with recreational, developmental, and competitive athletes. I love helping to instill confidence, develop discipline, and inspire athletes to become the best versions of themselves in  and outside the gym. I think athletes are the coolest people on the planet, and I’m so grateful that I get to be around such dedicated and talented individuals everyday for my job.

  • Weightlifting (so I can be a great spotter of course!)
  • Binge-watching 80’s gymnastics on Youtube
  • Hiking
Fun Facts:
  • I can still do a back tuck on a high(ish) beam
  • I competed as a national level diver after my gymnastics career
  • I have a coaching Instagram account! (@coachaislinn)



MAG Program Lead Brandon

I have been involved in the sport of gymnastics for 26 years. I started when I was 3 and competed until I retired at the age of 29. During this time, I was a member of the Canadian National Team, attended 5 World Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games.  My specialties are the floor, vault and parallel bars, and I won numerous international medals and many national championships.

I have coached for many years throughout my career, and I enjoy using my experiences to help teach kids the sport I love.  My main goals are to ensure your child has fun, pushes their limits and learns valuable life skills that extend beyond gymnastics.



NCCP Coach Brittany

I want to thank you for being a part of my class. Recreational gymnastics has always been a core component of my life. The positive experiences I had are what inspired me to become a coach.  I love the challenges that come with gymnastics and believe that every class should be balanced with fun activities, so the gymnast feels motivated and keeps coming back to learn.  

The best part of coaching is seeing the smile on your child’s face when they finally understand a skill they have been working so hard on. These moments of success are what make coaching worthwhile.


CSR/Field Trip Coordinator Carolina

Upon recently moving from Ontario a good friend recommended Ortona Gymnastics to me, without having much knowledge in the sport I took a chance and applied. The rest was history! Everyone here at Ortona is so welcoming and it makes me really want to learn a thing or two about Gymnastics. I have a few years’ experience working Front desk reception, and seeing all the families get together to support their children in the classes is what keeps me coming back. It’s such an immersive and interactive sport, and I’m glad I get to be apart of all this and share in it with everyone here at Ortona. Seeing everyone push themselves makes me want to grow and be an active part of the team! 
  • Camping, Hiking, boating and just being in the good ol’ outdoors.
  • Archery and Painting  
 Fun Facts:
  • I grew up learning three languages: Spanish, Italian and French
  • My Gecko’s name is Gojira, named after the movie ‘Godzilla’

NCCP Coach Jen

I am joining Ortona as the Leapah’s Lead Preschool teacher. I completed my Education Degree at the University of Alberta in 2003. I have over 20 years of experience working with children and I am so excited to support the Leapah’s children and their families grow, develop and learn in the classroom and on the gym floor. I have a passion for teaching and life long learning. There is nothing better than sharing the joy and excitement with a child when they have learned something new like how to spell their name, or master a new gymnastic skill. 
Fun Facts:
  • I love camping, golf, and photography
  • I am a hockey mom to my two kids Hailey and Derek
  • I have a Berenese puppy named Bella

NCCP Coach Kayley

I’m a dancer who has a passion for gymnastics and children. I’m pleased to be welcoming your child to my class. I value that each child is unique and different, each having their own assets. It is my goal to make sure that every child succeeds, feels accomplished and enjoys being physically active.

I was a recreational gymnast for four years.  Although I’m currently not active as a gymnast, I still believe that each child deserves the chance to enjoy  gymnastics in a safe, fun and nurturing environment where they may learn and grow.  I was a C.I.T. (coach in training) at Ortona for two years and now look forward to coaching your child.


Recreational Program Manager Keltie

My coaching career with Ortona began in 2002 where I worked part time in the front office.  After a year or so moved into coaching.  The more I coached and worked with families and learned new skills the more I realized that this was where I wanted to start my career. 

Coaching at Ortona has allowed me to meet amazing people, work with incredible athletes and given me the opportunity to travel. 

I love seeing my athletes (competitive and recreational) years later still competing or participating in the sport.  It’s wonderful to see that they have had a positive experience and continue to love the sport.

I love animals, being outside and music.  It’s likely you’ll catch me singing and dancing on the floor with my athletes!   
 Fun Facts:
  • I have an adorable dog named Presley
  • I love everything 90’s

Contract Administrator/CSR Manager Kim

I’ve been working at Ortona for a year and a half. I am currently a Customer Service Representative and just started helping with contracts for our TEAM athletes. I enjoy working at Ortona and building relationships with all of our great customers. I came into this position with no gymnastics experience, but I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many talented gymnasts and coaches who help me grow in the gymnastics community.  


NCCP Coach Maksym

I have been in the sport of gymnastics since 2005. I trained and was a competitive athlete myself from 2005-2019.I have since retired and now, however I am still very passionate and excited to help other gymnasts achieve their gymnastics goals.

I transitioned to a fully certified coach from Ortona’s Coach in Training (CiT) Program. The CiT program is designed to ensure CiT’s develop and attain excellent coaching skills before going on to become a certified coach. I successfully completed this course allowing me to get my NCCP certification and start coaching. Since then, I am pleased to have been working for nearly 4 years with mostly recreational level athletes to help them become the best athletes that they can be.  I am really looking forward to meeting and coaching all of you, and can’t wait to see you out on the floor.  
 Fun Facts:
  • I have previously competed and represented Team Alberta at the National level in 2019
  • I am currently studying Business at the University of Alberta 
  • I enjoy outdoor activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and canoeing 
  • I take joy in going on road trips to the mountains 

NCCP Coach Riley

After several years of competing at a high-level in Trampoline Gymnastics, I bring both a long range of knowledge and respect for the sport. Over the years I have had opportunity’s to work with some amazing coaches and learn something new from each and every one of them. I believe a great coach is a extremely important part of a young persons growth and developing. I originally started coaching as a way to give back to the Gymnastics community all the incredible life experiences it gave me, and I have loved every minute of it since. I have been with Ortona Gymnastics club for around 10 years now and as a coach, my goal is to provide kids with the enjoyment that the sport gave me at a very young age. I have had the opportunity’s to work with the MAG and recreational programs over my 3 years of coaching. 
  • I am a very intense skier and I spend a lot of time training olympic weight lifting as part of my daily workouts. 
 Fun Facts:
  • I played high level hockey until the age of twelve and I have competed internationally in the power tumbling apparatus of gymnastics.

NCCP Coach Sarah

Throughout my years as a competitive Trampoline and Tumbling (TNT) athlete and Coach In Training (CIT) at Ortona I have developed a sincere dedication to Ortona Gymnastics Club. Originally, I was introduced to Ortona through my sister after I had done 5 years of cheerleading. My tumbling background made me the prefect candidate for TNT and I quickly joined the competitive team. Immediately, I fell in love with the sport of gymnastics and therefore still train to this day! As I got older I wanted to become involved in every aspect of the gym, leading me to join the CIT program. For a year and a half I shadowed the skilled and experienced coaches at Ortona and learned a variety of coaching techniques and strategies. Spending time with athletes and sharing my passion with them inspired me to become a coach. As a coach my goal is to share my positive experience with the sport to little gymnasts and create a magical experience they will never forget! 
  • Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling!
  • Reading books (especially science fiction) 
 Fun Facts:
  • I speak fluent French and I’m currently learning Spanish!
  • I played Gretl in The Sound of Music at the Citadel Theatre!

What role does a Board member have?

  • Their role is to utilize their background and expertise to ensure that Ortona Gymnastics Club (OGC) is, in a strategic sense, “doing the right things”.
  • With an experienced and dedicated staff handling the operational aspects of the OGC’s activities, the Board of Directors is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the Club.

What are the benefits to becoming a Board member?

  • Offers the opportunity to influence the direction of the Ortona Gymnastics Club.
  • Allows exposure to the full spectrum of gymnastics’ issues and ideas.
  • Involvement in determining OGC’s priorities and goals.
  • Experience in policy development and organizational governance. 
  • An opportunity to enhance your leadership and communication skills.

What is the structure of the Board? 

  • The Board is currently comprised of eight (8) Directors. There are four Executive Members and four Members at Large.
  • All members are volunteers.The President serves as the Chairperson and may assign a delegate as required.
  • The President is an honourary member of each Sub Committee.

How does the Board operate?

  • The model at OGC is that of a ‘Governance’ Model.
  • The Board of Directors is to act as the trustee and steward of the organization, on behalf of the members.
  • The Board is not a ‘Working’ Board, in that the day to day operations are carried out by the OGC, with oversight from the Board.

How much of a commitment would I have to make?

  • To attend bi-monthly board meetings on Wednesday evenings plus the Annual General Meeting (October).
  • To serve on any of the various Sub Committees, which should not exceed 5-10 hours per month.

What are the term lengths of Board Members?

  • Executive Directors are elected for a two (2) year term. 
  • Members at Large are elected for a one  (1) year term.

Are there financial benefits to being a Board Member?

  • The positions are voluntary. However, Members may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in carrying out Board duties.

Who is eligible for election?

  • Individual members in good standing, or members of the public.

When are the Elections held?

  • At the Annual General Meeting  (AGM) of the OGC in October of each year

When do the positions become effective? 

  • Positions become effective immediately following the close of the Annual General Meeting.

What steps do I take to join the Board?

  • You must be nominated by submitting a Nomination Form to the OGC office approximately 3 weeks (minimum) prior to the AGM. Nomination forms can be obtained from the front desk, or click on this link:  OGC BoD info and Nomination form
  • The current President of the OGC Board of Directors will ensure that each nominee is eligible and willing to accept the duties of a Board member (if elected) in accordance with the by-laws. 
  • Meet with a current Board member to get an overview of the Board and the responsibilities required, before the AGM.
  • The list of nominees will be included in the AGM package, unless nominated after the packages have been produced and assembled.

Where can I get more information?

  • Any questions about Board roles and responsibilities can be directed to the Executive Director via email: executivedirector@ortonagymnastics.com.

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