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Club Event - Bingo - Parkway Bingo Hall

Co-ed at least 18y but less than 99y

Club Bingos are held at Parkway Bingo Hall 8775 - 51 Ave Edmonton AB T6E 5H1

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Program Offerings

Friday April 30th - Evening and Late Night - 4:30pm to 11:45pm
Apr 30, 2021
Coach Lydia3
Saturday May 15th - Evening and Late Night - 4:30pm to 11:45pm
May 15, 2021
Coach Lydia0
Saturday June 5th - Daytime - 10:30am to 3:45pm
Jun 5, 2021
Coach Lydia0
Monday July 12th - Evening and Late Night - 4:30pm to 11:45pm
Jul 12, 2021
Coach Lydia0
Sunday August 22nd - Daytime - 10:30am to 3:45pm
Aug 22, 2021
Coach Lydia0

Program Details

Please sign up and help support Ortona.

Bingo Chairperson will assign your duties and when applicate the shift for an evening or evening/late night when you arrive at bingo hall.

  • Daytime shifts Bingos you leave around 4:15pm
  • Evening Shifts you leave around 10:00pm
  • Evening/Late night shifts you leave around midnight

REMINDER: If you are registering more than yourself please make sure you add that person as a participant in your account. 

There are no prerequisites for this program.

There are no downloads for this program.

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