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Club Event - Casino

Day 1 Morning Shift: General Manager - August 5 - 9:00am to 3:30pm
August 5, 2019

Notice: Registration for this offering is now closed.

Registration Price: $0.00
Status: Full
Ages: At least 18y but less than 99y
Gender: Co-ed
Spaces: 0
Phone: 780.492.7300
Location: 7055 Argyll Road
Edmonton, AB

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Monday, Aug 05, 2019 9:00am - 3:30pm

As well, signing paper work from the casino event on behalf of the club. You will have someone guiding you every step of the way.

*This position requires the CASINO VOLUNTEER WORK APPLICATION form to be completed and submitted to front office upon registering for this position.  

By accepting this position you’re acknowledging receipt and have read this job description: 

MESSAGE FROM OUR ADVISORS - Please ensure all volunteers are aware of the following: 

1. Volunteers required photo ID 
2. Volunteers cannot gamble at the casino during the entire two day event (this includes before, during & after their shift) 
3. Volunteers cannot consume any alcohol;
4. Volunteers may sign in at the security desk. 

Volunteers will be trained before they start; and our advisors will be there to assist. Volunteers are free to bring books to read, or something else to do. During the day it maybe slow. 

Taken from AGLC Casino Licensee Terms & Conditions and Operating Guidelines Form RS/GAM 5481(2017 Feb) casino_licensee_terms_and_conditions

29. General Manager and Alternate General Manager

29.1 The General Manager is responsible for all aspects of the casino.
29.2 In consultation with the games manager, the general manager shall ensure the casino is conducted in accordance with the CTCOG.
29.3 An alternate general manager shall be on duty in the General Manager’s absence.
29.4 The general manager duties are as follows:

 a) Operational Functions:

i) enters the appropriate information from the licence into the CasinoTrack system;
ii) ensures all volunteer staff (excluding count room staff) are in the casino facility a minimum of one (1) hour prior to casino opening;
iii) ensures the count room staff are present a minimum of 15 minutes prior to scheduled start of shift;
iv) ensures the names of all volunteer staff are entered into the CasinoTrack system;
v) ensures designated volunteer staff is in place and have signed in at the beginning of shift and signed out at end of shift with system access cards on the CasinoTrack system;
vi) witnesses interim and final pull of drop boxes;
vii) may perform duties of other volunteer staff or charity workers on a temporary basis [no longer than one (1) hour] as long as all procedures for the position are followed, e.g. assuming duties of other volunteer staff to allow them to take a break or eat a meal;
viii) may fill a position that becomes vacant due to unforeseen circumstances (shall be documented on a Discrepancy Report);
ix) may assign another volunteer or charity worker to fill a vacant position for the duration of the licence period; (shall be documented on a Discrepancy Report) and
x) sign all Discrepancy Reports in addition to the advisor or the games manager.

b) Financial Transactions:

i) counts and verifies the opening cash bankroll and the opening chip inventory received from the casino facility licensee or his designate each day;
ii) witnesses transfer of cash from count room supervisor to banker;
iii) ensures closing cage bankroll, next day’s opening float and chips are in secure overnight storage;
iv) ensures the casino facility licensee or designate provides a cheque at the end of the event for the cost of the advisor fees and concession fees;
v) ensures all financial transaction entries into the CasinoTrack system are completed as required;
vi) investigates fully any error, procedural irregularity or other breach of CTCOG and reports to the AGLC (see Section 5.2);
vii) reports immediately to the Investigations Branch any volunteer in personal possession of casino chips; and
viii) returns remaining chips to the casino facility licensee or designate and enters the information on the CasinoTrack system;
ix) returns and signs, after the close of the event, to the casino facility licensee or his designate, cash equal to the opening cash bankroll received the morning of each day; and
x) after the conclusion of all related tasks, all cash including the opening bankroll and the event proceeds are to be returned to the casino facility licensee. Verification of the return of this cash is to be obtained from the casino facility licensee’s designated individual.

c) Security:

ensures secure handling and storage of chips and cash at all times during the casino event.

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