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Club Event - Casino

Day 1 Night Shift: Banker - August 5 - 9:00pm to 3:30am
August 5, 2019

Notice: Registration for this offering is now closed.

Registration Price: $0.00
Status: Full
Ages: At least 18y but less than 99y
Gender: Co-ed
Spaces: 0
Phone: 780.492.7300
Location: 7055 Argyll Road
Edmonton, AB

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Date Time  
Monday, Aug 05, 2019 9:00pm - 3:30am

*This position requires the CASINO VOLUNTEER WORK APPLICATION form to be completed and submitted to front office upon registering for this position.  

By accepting this position you’re acknowledging receipt and have read this job description: 

MESSAGE FROM OUR ADVISORS - Please ensure all volunteers are aware of the following: 

1. Volunteers required photo ID 
2. Volunteers cannot gamble at the casino during the entire two day event (this includes before, during & after their shift) 
3. Volunteers cannot consume any alcohol;
4. Volunteers may sign in at the security desk. 

Volunteers will be trained before they start; and our advisors will be there to assist. Volunteers are free to bring books to read, or something else to do. During the day it maybe slow. 

Taken from AGLC Casino Licensee Terms & Conditions and Operating Guidelines Form RS/GAM 5481(2017 Feb) casino_licensee_terms_and_conditions

30. BANKER (3.4)
30.1 The banker supervises the cash cage and is directly accountable to the general manager.
30.2 The banker is responsible for the cashiers and the chip runners.
30.3 Specific duties of the banker are as follows:

a) documents all transactions as required and ensures security of all chips and cash in cash cage;
b) ensures cashiers retain personal control of chips and cash for which they are responsible while onduty;
c) receives and counts opening cash bankroll and chip inventory with the general manager;
d) records and maintains a running inventory of the cash bankroll and the chip inventory:
e) issues opening inventory of chips to games where required;
f) documents transactions as required and maintains security and control of chips/coin inventory during shift;
g) supplies games with chips/coin as requested on CasinoTrack system;
h) receives excess chips/coin from games as requested on CasinoTrack system;
i) issues opening cash fill and subsequent cash fills to cashiers;
j) obtains cash transfers from the count room supervisor as required;
k) receives inventory of chips/cash from cashiers;
l) counts, amalgamates and records all chips and cash in cash cage at the end of the day;
m) returns remaining chips to the facility operator at the end of the day and enters information on the CasinoTrack system;
n) at the end of the day, transfers cash to general manager for secure overnight storage or transfer to casino facility licensee.

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