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Club Event - Casino

Day 1: Count Room 2 - August 5 - 11:00pm to 3:30am
August 5, 2019

Notice: Registration for this offering is now closed.

Registration Price: $0.00
Status: Full
Ages: At least 18y but less than 99y
Gender: Co-ed
Spaces: 0
Phone: 780.492.7300
Location: 7055 Argyll Road
Edmonton, AB

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Date Time  
Monday, Aug 05, 2019 11:00pm - 3:30am

The following are possible roles you will be assigned upon arrival at the Casino in signing up for the "Countroom" role. Please note that you will only be assigned 1 role out of the following. Some roles may require multiple people. 

By accepting this position you’re acknowledging receipt and have read this job description: 

MESSAGE FROM OUR ADVISORS - Please ensure all volunteers are aware of the following: 

  1. Volunteers required photo ID 
  2. Volunteers cannot gamble at the casino during the entire two day event (this includes before, during & after their shift) 
  3. Volunteers cannot consume any alcohol;
  4. Volunteers may sign in at the security desk. 

Volunteers will be trained before they start; and our advisors will be there to assist. Volunteers are free to bring books to read, or something else to do. During the day it maybe slow. 


Taken from AGLC Casino Licensee Terms & Conditions and Operating Guidelines Form RS/GAM 5481(2017 Feb) casino_licensee_terms_and_conditions

  1. COUNTER (3.9)
    35.1 The duties of the counter are as follows:
  2. a) counts the contents of the money bin using money counting machine;
    b) places contents of drop box back into the money bin along with the “Box ID Card” and passes bin to the amalgamator; and
    c) assists sorting of chips and cash as needed.


  1. RECORDER (3.10)
    36.1 The duties of the recorder are as follows:
  2. a) enters the table number from the “Box ID card” into the Casino Track system; and
    b) enters the number of bills, coins and chips (if any) counted by the counter into the Casino Track system.


  1. AMALGAMATOR(3.11)
    37.1 The duties of the amalgamator are as follows:
  2. a) receives cash or chips from counter in money bin;
    b) verifies all bills are of the same denomination;
    c) uses a counting machine to verify contents of the money bin and advises count room supervisor of the amount by denomination; and
    d) amalgamates all cash or chips in the count room by denomination into bundles of one hundred after receiving confirmation from the count room supervisor that the totals from both counts match.


  1. SORTER (3.8)
    34.1 The duties of the sorter are as follows:
  2. a) empties the contents of the drop box and shows open box to camera to ensure it is empty;
    b) sorts cash or chips into denominations and places into money bin with a “Box ID Card” and passes bin to counter;
    c) witnesses count by counter; and
    d) at final close of games may witness table chip count, if required.



Assists in the count room under the direction of the count room supervisor.

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