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Club Event - Developmental Team Building

Co-ed at least 5y but less than 23y

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Hello Team, 

Athletes are invited to join us for a sleepover to celebrate all their hard work through out this last year! This is a fun team building event with no training taking place. Throughout the evening athletes will participate in games and activities, have dinner and snacks provided and watch a movie before camping out in the gym. In the morning, we will provide breakfast and the athletes will have some fun before picking up time. 

Developmental athletes are encouraged to attend the evening activities but will not be staying overnight. We will be holding developmental sleepover activities throughout the summer to help introduce team travel to younger athletes in a gradual way. 


If you athlete has any dietary restrictions, please email: brittanym@ortonagymnastics.com  



4:30pm - Drop off 

4:45pm - Games/activities 

6:00pm - Dinner 

6:45pm - Games/activities 

7:15pm - Movie  

9:15pm - Prepare for bed/DEV sign out (athletes may be picked up early) 

9:30pm - Bed 


8:00am - Wake up 

8:15am - Breakfast 

9:00am - Games 

9:30am - Pick up 


Packing list:

  • Pjs 
  • Clothes for next day 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Toiletries:
    • Toothbrush/toothpaste 
    • Hair brush 
    • Hair elastics 
    • Any additional toiletries (moisturizer, face wash) 
  • Bedding 
    • Blankets or sleeping bag 
    • Pillow 
    • Comfort item (stuffie etc…) 

 *Medications if required should be placed in a labelled Ziploc bag with clear written instructions.* 

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