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Fundraising - Growing Smiles

Co-ed at least 1y but less than 99y

This Spring we are selling beautiful, locally grown plants to help raise money for your athlete’s and coaches training and development costs. Plants are a great way to encourage our friends to get out into the garden while choosing to support a healthy fundraiser.

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This year we are excited to announce a spring fundraiser, “Growing Smiles!”

We will be selling a variety of plants which are included on the Order Forms or on our team website. Our goal is to raise: $3,000. Fundraising is always a vital part of ensuring the athletes have the best year possible. The money raised is used to help cover costs for programs and equipment. It also takes some of the financial burden off of the parents – allowing more kids to participate in these activities. All Ortona members are invited to participate in this campaign. This means you will see funds raised get applied to your Ortona account, either towards your Fundraising Commitment or as Credits to be used for future transactions. To offset Ortona’s support in this fundraiser, the club will receive 10% of the funds raised prior to applying towards the fundraisers account.   

Interested in taking part? Here is the next step:

  1. Register HERE
  2. Upon your registration, we will add your information to the growing smiles team website so you can begin fundraising!


Important Dates to Remember:

April 25th- The fundraiser officially begins.

May 13th- All money and order forms must be returned to Ortona.

June 2nd & 3rd- Pick-up date for orders will be located at Ortona.


Important Notes:

  • Please ensure customers make cheques payable to: Ortona Gymnastics Club
  • Our team website is located at: ortonagymnastics.growingsmilesfundraising.com
  • Please try to sell only to your family, friends and close neighbours. (Parents may take order forms to work to collect sales if desired).
  • We do not encourage young students soliciting door-to-door sales for safety reasons. If students are selling within their neighbourhood, they should always be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Please contact: Laura Roche at lmroche80@gmail.com if you have any questions!
  • Plants are supplied by DeVry Greenhouses.


Thank you for your support!

Team Ortona

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