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GFA Badge 5+ Men’s

Male at least 7y 11m but less than 14y

Badges 5 and 6 for boys are a combined class for these levels; however, all athletes, regardless of badge level, receive level appropriate training and equal instruction time. Athletes focus on apparatuses that are specific to men’s artistic gymnastics and fundamental movements are combined to teach athletes advanced skills.

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Saturday GFA Badge 5+ Men’s 11:15am - 1:15pm
Sep 18, 2021 - Dec 11, 2021
Coach Riley7

Program Details

GFA Badge 5 and 6 - LTAD 3

Badges 5 and 6, for boys, are combined into a single class due to lower enrollment levels; however, all athletes, regardless of badge level, receive level appropriate training and equal instruction time. Athletes focus on apparatuses that are specific to men’s artistic gymnastics and fundamental movements are combined to teach athletes advanced skills. 

Classes are 2 hour class which starts to break down into men’s apparatus specific skills. It is strongly recommended that athletes attend 2 or more times a week in order to build strength, flexibility and to help develop their skills. This will help athlete progress through the levels more successfully. Athletes must master at least 85% of the required skills in order to continue to the next level.  At levels 5 through 8, athletes are encouraged to train at least twice a week, and at levels 9 to 12 at least 2 weekly sessions are required to maintain an athlete’s success in strength and flexibility. 

  • Badge 5: The athletes begin to develop skills required for the men’s artistic events: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar.
  • Badge 6: Athletes begin to work on maintaining their strength and flexibility while furthering their apparatus specific skills such as circle elements on high bar and pommel horse, floor combinations and handspring vaults. 
  • Badge 7: By this level athletes are learning techniques specific to each of the 6 apparatuses. Athletes will continue to increase their strength & flexibility while working on their basic swings, circles, springs and beginner saltos.
  • Badge 8: By this badge level, athletes have learned various techniques for the apparatuses and may even consider a more competitive focus.
  • Badge 9: This level focuses on combining fundamental movements with basic skills to create sequences of movement.
  • Badge 10: Athletes continue to develop and excel at harder skills such as saltos, long sequences on the pommel, twists and advanced swings.
  • Badge 11: Athletes are now well versed in the basic skills and are continuing to focus on more difficult techniques.
  • Badge 12: The final badge level means that athletes have mastered the skills required to successfully transfer to a competitive program and enter provincial events.
Gymnastics For All was created by Gymnastics Canada and is used as a progress monitoring and motivational tool for men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics. Athletes in the GFA program are beginner to advanced level recreational gymnasts and entry level competitive gymnasts. 
The GFA program is based on Gymnastics Canada’s 3 philosophical pillars of fun, fitness and fundamentals. These 3 beliefs are integrated into every lesson which creates a welcoming, engaging and exciting environment for all gymnasts.
GFA has two objectives:
  1. To provide a badge-based, skill development program for Canadian gymnastic clubs.
  2. To provide resource material that complements the Level 1 and 2 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Gymnastics curriculum. GFA is a progressive 12-badge program that challenges kids to develop their gymnastic skills in a fun and safe environment. Every child receives a progress card and a badge when each level is completed.

Gymnastics is a fun-filled, non-contact activity through which children can develop self-confidence, experience a wide variety of challenges and opportunity for social interaction.
Gymnastics helps develop physical literacy in children. The development of these physical tools are needed to take part in activity and sport, both for healthy life-long enjoyment and for sporting success. You’re never too young to gain something positive from the sport of gymnastics.
For full details on Long Term Athlete Development refer to Gymnastics Canada website. We have selected a highlight from each stage.
OGC LTAD Stage 3

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) taken from Gymnastics Canada
Role of Parents/Guardians in this Stage

  • Parents continue to expose participants to a range of activities, provide encouragement and show interest in participating in sport and physical activity.
  • Parents must listen to the participant to help identify sport preference.
  • Parents will continue to maintain a balance with school, other sport and non-sport activities.
  • Parents should be prepared to transport participants to activities, and to pay for these activities.

GFA Ortona Style

Gymnastics For All is divided into 12 different badge levels. An athlete must learn the skills required at each badge before they can move on to the next level. The skills taught grow more difficult with each ascending badge.
Badges 1 through 4 are co-ed, but Ortona does offer recommendation only, gender-specific classes at these early levels. At badge 5, the classes are separated by gender so that athletes focus on apparatuses specific to men’s or women’s artistic gymnastics.
To maximize the amount of training time available to the athletes and to reinforce similar skills at different levels, badges 1 and 2 are combined into a single class, badges 7 and 8 are combined into a single class for both boys and girls classes as well as badges 9 to 12. Although these badges are grouped together, each athlete must still advance through the badge levels in order.


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  • GFA Badge 4 Co-ed

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