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GFA Parkour - Teen

Co-ed at least 12y 11m but less than 17y 11m

Parkour skills covered will include basic vaults and low precision leaps. Inversions will be limited to early stages of front, side, and back salto and will include inclined wall spins. Then, they will begin developing strong leaping, catching, and climbing musculature. Vaulting skills will begin to include twists and other more complex combinations of movement. Precision leaping will begin to be elevated to various heights and will require significant skill in safe failure. Athletes will learn how to safely and consistently complete front, side, and back saltos and will begin to include off-axis skills such as butterfly twists.

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Parkour began in France as a discipline of pure movement over and through obstacles. Free-running was developed alongside parkour as a sport of self-expression. While parkour focused on rapid and efficient movement, free-running focused on creativity and development of new skills using the same obstacles. Over time parkour became an umbrella term which has combined both disciplines. In Parkour, athletes will learn how to efficiently transfer power and speed through a variety of obstacles. In addition to this, they will learn many of the fundamentals of body control required in gymnastics to learn how that control can be developed creatively using the environment. This process will include physical conditioning and learning a broad range of skills from basic balancing to complex aerial inversions.

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