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Leapah’s Learning Garden - Reserve a Spot - 3/4 Years Old Program

Co-ed at least 3y but less than 4y 11m

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Program Offerings

NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit for 2023-24 Leapah’s Learning Garden - Tu/Th AM 9:00am - 11:30pm
Sep 1, 2023
Coach . Ortona0
NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit for 2023-24 Leapah’s Learning Garden - M/W/F PM 12:15pm - 2:45pm
Sep 1, 2023
Coach . Ortona7
NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit for 2023-24 Leapah’s Learning Garden - M/W/F AM 9:00am - 11:30pm
Sep 1, 2023
Coach . Ortona7
NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit for 2023-24 Leapah’s Learning Garden - Tu/Th PM 12:15pm - 2:45pm
Sep 1, 2023
Coach . Ortona9

Program Details

Leapah’s Learning Garden (Pre-school)

World of Wonderment (WOW) Programs - LTAD 1

(Ages: 3 - 4 years)

Leapah’s Learning Garden (Licensed Pre-school) 

World of Wonderment (WOW) Programs - LTAD 1 

(Ages: 3 - 4 years) 

Our Slogan: 

  • Learning Through Play; Growing Through Discovery - A Head Start on Healthy Living 

About our Program:  

  • Leapah’s Learning Garden is a balanced program made specifically for pre-school aged children. 
  • The program focuses on developing each child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, spatial and mental abilities in a safe, inclusive, fun and encouraging environment. 
  • Our programs help children learn and discover through a variety of educational and physical activities that focus on healthy socialization and positive self-esteem. 
  • Our program runs from September to June, and classes are two and a half hours, with options of attending twice per week OR three times per week OR five times per week.
  • The program is taught in our incredible, preschool-sized, Kinder Gym, which offers children a safe, colourful and exciting environment that is the perfect place for learning and discovery. The Kinder Gym also has a licensed preschool room dedicated to education that is filled with creative toys, books, art supplies and activities. 
  • All program participants must be potty trained. 

Ortona’s Objectives: 

  • To provide children with a development program centered on multi-movement. 
  • To teach children Gymnastics Canada’s Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals. 
  • To provide a quality program full of activities that enable the development of the child mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The Curriculum: 

  • FLIGHT: Alberta’s Early Learning and Curriculum Framework 
  • Gymnastics & Movement: 
    • Fun, active and safe gymnastics exercises will get children moving and make them healthier and happier. 
    • Each class focuses on building physical literacy through the fundamental skills of gymnastics in a positive environment. 
    • Children develop flexibility, coordination and strength. 
  • Providing learning experiences which help to develop early literacy and numeracy skills in a developmentally-appropriate environment
  • Providing a positive introduction to school, by learning with fun and enthusiasm
  • Providing programming in all areas of child development including communication, social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills

Registration for the 2023-24 School Year: 

  • Registration for the LLG 2023-24 school year will open on FEBRUARY 9th, 2023.  
  • Click HERE to register. A deposit of the first months cost is required to register and this amount is non-refundable.

Program Schedule:

  • 2 days/week – Tuesday and Thursday 
  • 3 days/week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
  • 5 days/week* – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday       
  • *children must be 4 years old to attend 5 days/week 

Class Times:

  • All programs (2, 3 and 5 days/week) are available in the AM (9:00am – 11:30am) or PM (12:15 to 2:45) 



10 months

Monthly payment

Minister’s Monthly Contribution

Parents Monthly Cost/Deposit

2 Days /Week





3 Days /Week





5 Days /Week





*Please note that a membership is required for this program, and will be charged in September 2023 prior to the first class*   


  • Alberta Federal–Provincial Child Care Agreement 
    • Alberta Child Care Subsidy – Flat rate of $125/ month for families with a family income under $180,000 /year.
    • *Eligible families must apply for this subsidy and be approved to receive it 

There are no prerequisites for this program.

There are no downloads for this program.