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Summer Camp Ages 6 to 8

Co-ed at least 5y 8m but less than 8y 11m

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Program Details

Ages: 6 - 8 years

You can expect a full day of gymnastics, games, crafts, field trips and more. Kids will learn movements on the floor, vault, balance beam, uneven bars, pommel horse, rings, horizontal bar and parallel bars.

Combining gymnastics with high flying fun, this camp provides participants with the ultimate grounded, flipped out experience. Impress your friends this summer with some very creative moves. You’ll love the mix!

There is also downtime planned during each day that will involve age-appropriate activities such as cooking, crafts, and other quieter entertainment. We want these budding gymnast/athletes to last the week!

Summer Camp Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Survivor

Week 2: Space

Week 3: Our green planet

Week 4: Through the decades

Week 5: Hollywood 

Week 6: I like to move it

Week 7: Great outdoors

Week 8: Surf’s up 

 If you have a camper looking for some flipped out fun this summer, get them into this camp right away!

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