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TEAM OGC Lockers - Male Team

Male at least 4y but less than 25y

Team Ortona Yearly Locker Rentals

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 1. Once you have paid for your locker, come to the office we will assign your athlete a locker.

  • Locker numbers will only be assigned by OGC staff once full payment is received.
  • Locate your numbered locker and Ortona provides you with a lock. Lockers are available starting at the beginning of a contract season. However due to limited availability of locker inventory - we may request lower hour athletes to give up their locker and at that time OGC will prorate the remaining year.
  • Athletes are limited to ONE LOCKER, due to the limited number of lockers.
  • Switching lockers will not be allowed. If you put a lock on a locker other than the one that is registered to you will forfeit your privileges to use an Ortona locker for the remaining contract year.


  • Locker registrations will be done at the beginning of each contract year through the office. 
  • Recreational members there are coin operated lockers available in the public locker area.


  • Ortona is not responsible for the items stored in your lockers and locker rooms.
  • Ortona provides a lock for use.
  • If you have paid for a locker and no longer require the service - fees are non-refundable.
  • You are responsible to clean out your locker at the end of the contract year.
  • Locks will be cut from lockers if they it is not a lock supplied by Ortona.

If locker contents are found at the end of a team contract, a $25.00 reclamation fee will be charged (covers the expense of handling the product and storing it for potential pick up). Contents not claimed within 30 days will be disposed of.

  • Do not leave your locker unlocked or give out your combination to other athletes.
  • Do not place stickers on or in your locker.
  • The athlete will be responsible for a supervised locker cleaning at the request of the OGC staff.
  • Contents can be inspected at any time by Ortona staff.
  • Any damage to the inside of the locker is the responsibility of the guardian of the athlete if under 18. If repair or clean-up is required, an invoice will be sent to the guardian for the full payment at full cost.

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