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ZZZRec Team Prep - Trampoline and Tumbling

Co-ed at least 6y but less than 13y 6m

T&T Team Prep is an invitation only program for girls and boys aged 6-12 years old. The program runs twice a week for 3 hours each day. Athletes focus on strength, flexibility and basic skills for the Trampoline and Tumbling Discipline.

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Program Details

T&T Team Prep

T&T Team Prep is a Coach invitational program. Athletes develop at different rates. When children who progress through the gymnastics exercises quickly and learn the gymnastics movements faster than their fellow classmates; our coaches will then recommend them into one of our advanced recommendation only programs.

Ortona respects the diversity of our gymnasts, and we truly believe that all our athletes are extraordinary. By offering recommendation only programs, we continue to allow all our gymnasts to work and develop at their own pace without restricting their abilities.

An invitation into a recommendation only program is based on several factors such as an athlete’s physical ability, flexibility, coordination, listening skills and learning speed. Above all, an athlete should have a positive attitude and a desire to work hard and give it their all.

If your child has not been recommended into a specialty class, and you feel that they show potential, please feel free to request an assessment. This form can be found under the Request Assessment tab in the navigation bar located at the bottom of our website.

Athletes focus on:

  • Tumbling
  • Trampoline
  • Double Mini
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

Team Prep is a great program that can feed into many areas of gymnastics including but not limited to: Recreational T&T, Developmental T&T and Provincial Competitive T&T streams.

A Team Ortona girls body suit or boys compression shirt/shorts are required to be purchased and worn at all classes for this program. Body suit/compression shirt and shorts are non-refundable. If your child does not already own the current training attire one can be purchased from the Front Desk.



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  • Coach Invitation
  • ZZZRec Team Prep - Trampoline and Tumbling

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